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29-0 is a Ford F-350 4 door with 4 wheel drive. The truck has a 200 gallon water tank and a hale pump. The unit is also equipped with a winch, better flaps, forrestry rakes, shovels. It has one foresstry line and a booster line. The truck is used for marsh and field fires. 29-0 was sold and the TSU is in the process of being equipped to serve as the company's brush unit.
A-29 was bought in 1996 and was traded in on the current ambulance in September of 2009
Tanker 29
Simon Duplex/Saulsbury
Tanker 29 is a 1995 Simon Duplex 6 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel body. The apparatus is equiped with a 2000 gpm pump and a 2500 Gallon Tank.
Engine 29-4
Simon Duplex/Saulsbury
29-4 is a 1993 Simon Duplex 6 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel body. The truck holds 1,000 gallons of water and has a 2,000 GPM Hale pump and a 10 KW generator. 29-4 has (3) 1.75" crosslay's and a 300' 2" Line off the rear. 29-4 also carries 1,500 foot of 4" supply line and 400 foot of 3" supply line. In addition to the Engine company equipment carried by the Engine it also carries Extrication Equipment.
Rescue 29
Rescue 29 is a 1991 Kenworth 2 person cab with a Saulsbury stainless steel walk in body that seats 4 persons. The truck carries 450 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam. R-29 has a 500 GPM Hale pump and a 15 KW generator. The truck also has a 6,000 lb 4 bottle cascade system. Rescue 29 also has eight 8,000 watt lights on a light tower that raises 25 foot into the air. The truck is equipped with all nesscessary tools for vehichle rescue and search and rescue. Rescue 29 was sold to Scott's Run Fire Co. in Cassville WV on December 1st 2012.
This unit was bought in 1988 and was run as A-29 until it was sold in 1996 to the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown.
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