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DIAL 9-1-1
Port Penn Fire Company
26 W. Market St.
Port Penn, DE 19731


302.832.7622 (fax)

Dale Bendler
In the past, Dale has held the positions of Fire Chief, President, BOD by Office, Deputy Chief, 1st Assistant Chief, BOD by Office, Treasurer, 2nd Assistant Chief, BOD by Office, Chief Engineer, and Engine Captain. Dale has been awarded the 40 Years Service Award, 35 Years Service Award, 1st Top Ambulance Responder, 30 Years Service Award, President's Award, Firemen of the Year, 25 Years Service Award, Life Membership (20 Years) , 15 Year Service Award, 10 Year Service Award, 5 Year Service Award, 7-12-04 Noreaster Storm Brings 15 Runs In One Day, 2-10-03 Roller Over Accident w/Heavy Entrapment on Port Penn Rd, 11/24/08 Duck Hunter's Stuck In Pond, 7-1-07 Accident w/Heavy Entrapment , and 7-8-03 Working House Fire w/Possible Entrapment awards. Dale is also a thirty year member and a Life Member.

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