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Asst Newark on Working Barn Fire - Newark

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
On Sunday May 25th the Tanker went to assist Newark on a building Fire on Otts chapel road. Tanker 29 and a crew of 6 responded and assisted with Fire Suppresion and water supply operations. The crew remained in service for 2 hours doing various tasks. On a side note the "New guy" drove his first run, nice legs marty.

Plume from Port Penn Rd
Views: 49
From Rte 1 Bridge
Views: 64
FF Newman,Capt. Eaton, FF Coxe
Views: 93
Capt. Eaton
Views: 99
Capt. T. Riale
Views: 92
FF/EMT Marty "Puff" Deery
Views: 91
Cheasapeake Tanker 2 & Tanker 29
Views: 66

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