In Memory Of

Edward D. Armstrong
Albert Bendler
Fred Brown
Harry D. Budd
Charles G. Coleman
Edward R. Cordery
Dale Cullen
Anthony Tony De Carlos
William H. Dennis
Charles DiVirgilio
William D. Dolbow
John E. Dorrell
James C. Dyer
Bayard A. Foraker
Robert A. Foraker
Robert T. Foraker I
Harry Grantland
Samuel T. Green
George Hall Sr.
Mark Houser
Frank Kelly
Merville E. Koria
Clifford Krieger Jr.
Albert J. Kumpel
Micheal Labau
Frank A. Marshall Jr.
George H. Marshall Sr.
William T. Marshall Sr.
Donald B. McElrath Jr.
Norris McNatt
Lloyd P. Moore
Vernon R. Norman
Raymond Quillen
Rolland Quillen
James E. Rausch Sr.
Ellis Sartin
Tyson Sartin
James L. Schaffer Sr.
William S. Sidwell
Norris L. Smith
Kimberly Spahn
Robert Dale Swan
Tommy Texis
Lewis W. Walker
Harry P. Wilkinson
John F. Wilkinson
Donald H. Williams Sr.
Cecil C. Zacheis Sr.

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