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2008 Open House - Port Penn

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
On Sunday November 2nd from 11AM to 3PM, the Port Penn Fire Co. Held its annual open house. The community was able to enjoy fire truck rides, a vehichle rescue demonstration, kids were able to squirt water at a special prop. The community enjoyed food and drinks anlong with several displays that were on hand and a moonbounce for the kids. The Port Penn Fire Co. would like to thank the following organizations for coming and supporting the open house, the Smyrna Fire Co. for lending us the house with flames so the kids could squirt water at, the Mill Creek Fire Co. for bringing their smoke house, the Delaware State Police for bringing their mobile Command Post, the Delaware State Fire School for their safety trailer, the New Castle County Emergency Management Office for their display, New Castle County Paramedics for their display, the Goodwill Fire Co. (City of New Castle) for making a appearance and helping with the events. The company would like to thank Assistant Chief Ryan Stuckert and his committee for putting all of this together and all the members that showed up to help out.

A-29 on Display
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Tanker 29
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Medic 5
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DSP Command 1
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DSFS Safety Trailer
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21's Smoke House
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Kids using Smoke House
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Capt. J. Newman
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Rescue Demo
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FF/EMT P. Coxe
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A/C Stuckert & Steven DiVirgilio
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Cook Bob Trowbridge
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Brian Lucy
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