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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
At 0949 HRS, PPVFC with Medic 5A was dispatched for an MVC involving a motorcycle at the intersection of Port Penn Rd @ Pole Bridge Rd. 29-8 and A-29 went responding @ 0951hrs. Rescue 29 went en route @ 0952 HRS under the command of Deputy Chief Speakman with Engine 29-4 under the command of FF/EMT Lancaster responding @ 0954 Hrs. 29-8 went arrival with 2 vehicle collision with one being a motorcycle and assumed Port Penn Rd command. He immediatly requested a second BLS unit which brought B-15(Del. City) to the scene. Pt 1 was a trauma code that was thrown from his motorcycle after colliding head-on with a small sedan. A-29 started patient care upon arrival of the motorcycle driver. Rescue 29 upon it's arrival was directed to pt care of pt number 2 who was in the sedan. Assistant Chief Campbell along with FF/EMT Cassie Lancaster treated pt # 2 until B-15 arrived. Marine Captain John Newman with the help of FF Nate Eaton assisted in securing an area for Trooper 4 to land. Pt #1 was packaged and transported to CER via Trooper 4 with half of medic 5 riding on trooper 4. Pt #2 was transported by B-15 to CER also. 29-8 placed scene under control @ 1014 HRS with all patient's transported. Fire Police from Sta. 15 stood by with DSP to help close the road down until DSP was done their investigation. Great job by all and thanks to B-15 and Sta. 15 fire police for their assistance.

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