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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
On April 29th at 1415hrs, the station was alerted for a ambulance and engine assist stations 3,6,12 (Christiana) on a second alarm dwelling fire. A-29 responded at time of dispatch, shortly followed by engine 29-4 with crew of 4 under the command of Chief Frank Schoeffler. While responding units were advised there was fire thoughout the dwelling with one subject unaccounted for. Upon arrival Chief Schoeffler was assigned as division 2 command and the crew of 29-4 along with 15-7's crew worked on the first floor extingushing the fire and doing the overhaul. 29-4's crew worked until the house was completely overhauled then was released by the scene's command. A-29's crew was committed to EMS division during the alarm.

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R. Riale & T. Riale bottling up to go in
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29-4's Crew
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Chief Schoeffler & J. Sinex
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