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Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel 2013

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Port Penn Fire Company will once again be selling breast cancer awareness appareal for the 2013 year. We have a new design this year and once again all the proceedes will go to the Susan G Komen Fight For the Cure cause. Orders can be placed to this email address which will be checked daily [email protected] The order will be placed September 1st to ensure delivery for October. Prices are as follows:

TShirts: Small-XL $8.99

               2XL-3XL $10.50

               4XL-5XL $11.49

Long Sleeve Shirts: S-XL $11.99

                                    2XL-3XL $13.49

                                    4XL-5XL $14.49

Sweatshirts: S-XL $14.99

                        2XL-3XL $16.49

                        4XL-5XL $16.49

Hooded Sweatshirts: S-XL $18.99

                                        2XL-3XL $20.49

                                       4XL-5XL $21.49

Any Questions Feel Free to direct them to the station or the email address listed above.

Thanks in advance for helping to support this amazing cause!!

Tim Conrad

Career Firefighter/EMT

Port Penn Fire Company

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